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My dad got angry at me for not showing/giving the right emotions in this situation about my aunt going thru pain (she has a breast cancer). And I thought to myself; yes I do worry for her and Yes I do care but what do you expect me to do forcefully mourn in tears? I’m sorry but I can’t help to think that i have problems as well. (Is it bad)

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"People talk loud when they wanna act smart."

- Squidward

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Hindi lahat ng tahimik nasa loob ang kulo, sila lang kase yung marunong mag-isip bago kumibo.

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It’s been a while that I got back with sketching…

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I really need my thoughts to just SHUT UP and learn to be contented in life. But then again, sometimes it makes me wonder that it contradicts to people’s idea of wanting something, dreaming big, be ambitious. Right.!?

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"Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid."

- John Wayne

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It’s official! I don’t like kids or babies or anything under 5 years old. I’ve been heavily traumatize by them this past year with the biting, baby sitting, crying, property damaging, chasing spoiled brats without consideration and this time I had it.

Just a while a go my 2-3 year old nephew just randomly scratch my face, while I was holding him, like some kind of a possess a baby demon. And I swear at that moment I feel like just I wanted to drop him, trying to save myself from the agony but then I can’t coz’ they are just so painfully adorable as what people say (and people are watching me as how will I handle the situation). CRAP!

Also there was this spoiled little girl at the office, I was trying to be nice, trying to be friendly but she keeps ignoring me as if I really want her attention. AS IF. you little bitch, please don’t ignore me. It’s embarrassing when you ignore me when I call unto you in front of the office crowd. I feel bad for her when she accidentally trip from the broken chair at the office but now I don’t she’s a spoiled little brat.

There are more stories about kids but I rather not say it at all. Let’s just put it as though I am bad with kids. And I’m not even doing anything wrong with them. From now on, I’ll ignore any little monsters I’ll come across to.

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People usually ask me why I still watch anime at my age? Here’s the deal, the possibilities are boundless, it has more creative input than any real live shows (in my opinion). It’s just pure entertainment. I go ballistic without looking like a psycho stalker. I don’t get jealous nor envy the characters. I love it.

So stop poisoning my mind saying stuff that its just plain childish… I’ll forgive them for the ignorance but honestly I can’t help to slap the sense in them. They better educate themselves…

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Hirap talaga nang buhay underdog, dapat ka talagang magpakumbaba kahit wala sa personality ko kasi feeling ko ang term na naiisip ko para nito ay uto-uto. Pero ang ayoko lang yung lumalaki ang ulo nang mga tao na binigyan mo nang pansin dahil lang sa pag.asta mo nang uto-uto. Kala mo naman kung anong taas nang pagkatao, and yes I’m referring to you Miss malaking bunganga na mukhang ugly betty sa glasses mo. Oo ikaw! At sa mga ibang tao naman. Tang Ina nyo! Sana ma-karma kayo.

Next time, I’ll try to be myself. The quiet-reserve self.

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Am I a bad friend if I can’t stand listening to another of my friend’s conversation. He keeps talking to me every fucking day and I don’t want to confront him for that. All I wanted is some space from him. The thing is, he’s partially deaf and sort of mumbles when he talks because he has a speech problem. So talking to him takes a lot of effort in my part and it’s very exhausting. It would have been ok if were talking about important things; but come on really!? We’re talking about stupid gadgets and plants. Really.!?

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